The 2nd IEEE PerCom Workshop on Smart Environments: Closing the Loop

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

March 23, 2015

Smart Environments provide an important application domain for pervasive computing. Smart environments require sensing information from the environment; reasoning over the data to infer events, context, activities, behavior, phenomena etc.; and acting or actuating to change the environment or the user behavior in order to achieve specific goals. Many conferences and workshops have focused on one of these three aspects (sensing, reasoning and acting), but few have focused on the challenges of integrating each aspect into a coherent whole, that is “closing the loop.” The Second PerCom Workshop on Smart Environments (SmartE) Closing the Loop will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of novel research ideas or actual deployments focused on closing the sense-reason-act loop.

Workshop program now available here.

Sponsored by the Smart Environments Research Center (SERC), Washington State University.